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Projects in both molecular genetics and biotechnology were supported by the Romanian National Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation:

- "Researches concerning the genetic diversity of Romanian native beech populations at molecular level, for the conservation of genetic resources"
- "The evaluation of genetic diversity of oaks and ashes from Romanian ecosystems using molecular genetic markers"
- "Advanced techniques of micropropagation and somaclonal selection of performant biotypes of forest trees"
- "Clonal propagation of narrow-crowned Norway spruce by somatic embryogenesis"





The Project "Genetic resources in broad-leaved species from southeastern Europe", coordinated by IPGRI (first phase, 1997-2000; second phase, 2001-2004), contains activities related to both molecular genetics and biotechnology:
- "Application of micropropagation methods and technologies to ex situ conservation of genetic resources"
- "The study of biodiversity using molecular markers (cpDNA markers) in Quercus and Fagus species"
These activities facilitated joint experiments with scientists from the CRP-GL Luxembourg and publication of the results in international journals.
The founds provided by ECC for this project allowed us to purchase laboratory equipment and chemicals.

The Project INCO COPERNICUS - 1999, concerning the study of genetic diversity at molecular level in Quercus species, allowed the development of molecular genetics experiments in our laboratory, and in the same time, the participation to integrated research programs and publication of the results in international journals.

Another co-operation program with France is GRESCO - 2000 - "Genetics and Breeding of Forest Trees''.

We are also member of COST Action 843 "Quality enhancement of plant production through tissue culture''. The participation to this action was a good opportunity for change of experience with scientists from European countries, and also for publishing the most recent results.

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