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- botanical  

- the ride collection of ligneous plants cultivated here (over 2000 units), being many rare species of resinous, magnolia, bamboo;

- forestry    

- old center of forestry adaptation and experimentation. The old age of some samples and groups and their exceptional dimensions. In the Arboretum there are realized small experimental brushes from exotic species;

Center of forestry and decorative sapling creation - shows special decorative qualities and gives its contribution to green gardens and park creation.

- landscape  
- the diversity and originality of landscapes specific to the natural style in which the Arboretum was created and developed, it is considered the most important park from Romania and may form an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists;

- social-cultural    
- the Arboretum constitutes an attractive place for the people, there they may find, in a nice space, invigorating and instructive unknown beauties of nature.

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Photo: Corina Coanda, Radu Stelian

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