The present up to date Forest Genetics Group was established in 2000 due to the investment of INRA (France National Institute Agriculture Research) that facilitated to run the first studies in Romania regarding evaluation of genetic diversity structure for forests tree species, using molecular markers. The first national project has been realized in the framework of RELANSIN program 1138 “Genetic diversity evaluation for main oak and ash species from Romanian forest ecosystems by using molecular markers”.
The Forest Genetics Group has been involved in next European projects: „Range wide distribution of chloroplast DNA diversity and fossil pollen in European white oaks: inferences about colonisation routes and consequences of management” (FAIROAK FPIV); „Dynamics of forest tree biodiversity: linking genetic, paleogenetic and plant historical approaches” (FOSSILVA, FPV) and „Defining European Ash populations for conservation, regeneration, management and utilization” (FRAXIGEN, FPV).

During the past years the Forest Genetics Group was involved in the national project “Studying genetic variability of main forest species for establishing tested seeds sources and harmonization to EU regulations” (CEEX 762) (2005-2008), which was financed by the Excellence Research Program. One of the objectives of this project was to assess genetic diversity in provenances tests of sessile oak and pedunculate oak with molecular markers.

Research Facilities  

Actually the Forest Genetics Group is the coordinator of the national project “Assessment and mapping genetic diversity of autochthonous oak species from Romania for sustainable management of forest ecosystems and dynamic conservation o forest genetic resources” (OAKGIS) (2007-2010).
The Forest Genetics Group is also coordinating the bilateral project with Bulgaria “Assessment genetic diversity with molecular markers of valuable oaks provenances and forest genetic resources from southern Romania and Bulgaria” (2008-2009). The responsible person from Bulgaria party is Dr. Peter Zhelev from the University of Sofia.
Participation at the European research programs and national programs has contributed to the development of the laboratory infrastructures. Actually the research team has necessary experience and laboratory equipment to perform complex studies regarding evaluation of genetic diversity and genetic diversity structure for forests species at national and regional level.

The involved staff of Forest Genetics Group:
Dr. eng. Flaviu POPESCU
Tech. Ana IORDAN

Electrophoresis Room PCR Room

DNA Extraction Room

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