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TITLE:Assessment genetic diversity with molecular markers of valuable oaks provenances and forest genetic resources from southern Romania and Bulgaria

GENERAL OBJECTIVES: to assess the genetic diversity of valuable provenances and forest genetic resources of sessile oak and pedunculate oak from southern Romania and Bulgaria with chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) markers with the aim to acquire new knowledge regarding spatio-temporal evolution of forest ecosystems and establishing autochthony of studied populations.

The current project in Romania comprised a single executive phase due to lack of further state funding (State funding cut off). In Bulgaria the current project is plan to continue in 2010.
The executive phase objectives are reflected by main activities:
a) Assessment of cpDNA genetic diversity in populations of oaks species in southern part of Romania and Bulgaria, to make general synthetic map with found genetic diversity in studied oaks populations.
b) Performing working visits to Bulgaria for the collection of biological samples and experience exchange.
c) Receiving the Bulgarian colleagues for experience exchange in the forests genetics laboratory of ICAS Simeria.

In the framework of the current joint project the research teams succeeded to collect in a short period of time a number of 43 populations of oaks from Bulgaria.
For the first time information regarding cpDNA genetic diversity of oaks populations from Bulgaria was made and would be available for European research community and would enlighten on south-eastern Europe, and around the Black Sea genetic diversity and evolution of oaks populations.
Up to the present the comparative analysis of genetic structure of oaks populations from Southern Romania and Bulgaria populations brought novel information regarding postglacial evolution of oaks species.
The present study succeeded in a short period of time to bring new information regarding spatio-temporal evolution of oaks forest ecosystems from Bulgaria and southern part of Romania.
The Bulgarian team of researchers made a working visit to the laboratory of forest genetics from Forest Research Station Simeria in the period from October 29 to November 9, 2009. During this working visit, the transfer of knowledge between both teams of researchers has been carried out.
The found results would be published in the near future in scientific articles.

Contact person Romania:
Director of the project Romania:
Dr. Dragos Postolache


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